Light Designer

Job Description & APplication

Tour Dates

September 23-October 20 (4 Weeks U.S. West + Midwest)

November 1-2; 15-16; 21-23 (7 days Mid-Atlantic + Northeast)

December 6-7; 13-15; 19-21 (8 days Mid-Atlantic + Northeast)

Tour Rates

$6000 September/October

$4500 November/December


45ft. Renegade Freightliner RV (toterhome) + 18ft. Kaufman Trailer

5 band & 2 crew travel and sleep onboard and traditionally share driving duties pending safe driving record. 

Separate sleeping quarters with AC and private bunks sleeps 6, with a sleeper loft above the cab for TM/FOH. 

Front lounge, fridge, dinette, kitchenette, shower, toilet, sink, bay storage and onboard storage. Clean, organized & well kept.


We are an established 5-piece independent band touring 80-100 days a year playing our own music (acoustic, electric, folk, rock, multi-instrumental).  

The band consists of a lead vocalist, drums, bass (upright & electric), and two guitarists (acoustic & electric) with the lead guitar also on fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki and banjo.  All members sing harmony.   

We are self-contained for stage gear, cabling, microphones and stands and use in-ears with our own monitoring system.

Rooms and audience size can range from 200-1500 cap.  The set up nightly can vary between seated-acoustic to standing full rock show.  Mostly standing full shows. Well-established venues with professional house crews and promoters, and mostly major cities.


Musically, we are more a song-oriented band, but will stretch out instrumentally on a handful of them.  The set is a mix of high-energy, crowd-interactive songs, balanced with more atmospheric, spacey, languid ones.  There is often a 1-mic Opry-style portion for a few tunes. 


We are seeking a creative, pro-active light designer that is great with dynamics and nuance, and can play off of the band’s material in visually striking and specific ways, making the folk-leaning material intimate and warm, and the big stuff grand, mesmerizing and immersive.


We are looking for creativity, good reactive timing and taste, a willingness to try things and be flexible and to offer ideas or welcome the band’s ideas, comments or concerns.


AV Skills would be a plus.


The band does not own a lighting control platform - proficiency on the platform you bring is a must, and needs to be able to work very quickly in identifying and overcoming obstacles in taking over the house system.  

Touring floor package to be discussed.  A typical package in the past has been 6 beams, 10 bars, haze and mirror ball.

Typical load-in is between 4-5h prior to doors.   The band and touring crew all load in and out as a team, and assist in set up where needed, along with the house crew. 

We welcome your creative input and expertise in exchanging ideas about the look and feel of the show.   The set order and song list change on a nightly basis depending on the size and mood of the room and audience, pulling from about 75 core songs from the band’s catalogue.  We want the designers to be familiar with the music well enough to take advantage of queues and themes.

We welcome your leadership and involvement in instructing the house stage and lighting crew available for set up and tear down, and likewise with any challenges in regards to stage size and footprint, power availability, house lighting provisions and house haze allowance, while maintaining a positive, professional, and productive outlook.


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