VIP Meet & Greet Packages
$300 - $450

Here, you can purchase VIP Meet + Greet packages with these options:
1) “Pass for 2” includes You and 1 guest. ($300)
2) “Pass for 2 +1”includes You and 2 guests. ($400)
3) “Pass for 2 + 2”includes You and 3 guests. ($450)

Choose from the available dates in the form below. 

This will be first-come, first-reserved with limited space and for the 2017 Tour only.  

Which show are you attending?
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“Pass for 2” i.e. You + 1 guest includes:
- Tickets to the show
(For the seated Acoustic shows, you and your guest will be at the band’s guest table. We will do our best to accommodate specific requests, but cannot guarantee a different seating arrangement. Please e-mail for specific details.) 
- A pre-show meet & greet backstage or aboard The White Whale. We’ll have a cocktail, mingle a bit, do some Q&A, play a tune or two acoustically in the greenroom, take some pictures and get you to the show on time with a signed CD in hand!

If you want to bring additional guests, choose “Pass for 2 +1” to bring one guest and “Pass for 2 + 2” for two guests.

Please note: If you have already bought tickets to a show that you want the meet and greet for, please contact the venue or ticket company whom you bought the tickets from. The band is not able to issue refunds directly on tickets bought prior to the Meet and Greet pledge purchase. If you are unable to obtain a refund and cannot sell or give away those tickets, the band can still do the meet-and-greet portion, and issue 2 guest passes to another show at another stop on the tour or for a future date (pending availability).