Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle - Limited Edition Cover


"I will go...I will meet you there..."



Hi.  Barry here.  Writing from a very dark, musty corner of the catacombs.  Sitting very quietly.   Listening very quietly, to the final mix master for our new album. I must keep quiet...so excuse the lack of exclamation marks.  

A few things, quickly:

1. We are on high-alert

2. But otherwise extremely pleased

3. You may purchase a physical copy and/or download the new album on FEB 19th

4. We will be showing you next week some other goods we want you to have - limited & #'d album editions featuring unique artwork...garments...

5. And maybe we will also release a song for free

6. Maybe

7. There are 11 songs on the album, plus a hidden, secret, unlisted bonus song to make the total number of songs at Twelve...The same number in this list, and the same number of days between now and Februaery 19th.

8. We will also be launching our New Store that same week, which will also feature some of the CL Live Show Bootlegs that some of you have been asking for

9. Things are pretty intense right now

10. Speaking of intense - have you done any camping lately?

11. Camping is intense

12.  SHHHHHHHH!!!!



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