Winter’s Eve, December 6 - In The Hall Of The Cardboard King

Early morning, May 15, our small forthcoming music project, Gathering, began it’s course, with a handful of Carbon Leaf demos, a notebook, a pen, an empty house and a lot of pacing. 

I put it on the calendar, ahead of time: “WRITING” 

Now, December 6,  our studio is filled from floor to ceiling with special goods for the Crow Foot & Key Society.  

How did we get here?  From ‘writing’ to all of this…FOOTPRINT?

Have we bitten off more than we can chew?  Absolutely.    

The arch of this project started with a need to get back to Center:  Sitting still, breathing,  listening, learning, confronting, dreaming, doing.

Gathering up. 

Now, we’re on the hook.  We’ve created a mess.  We’ve made our most ambitious project to date. We pulled it down, put it on paper, and then made it 3D.  And then added live people.  

We’ve put something in motion we are accountable for.  

That’s exciting, daunting, scary….WE MIGHT FAIL.

Worth it.