Winter's Eve, December 14 - "Darlin'! Darlin!..."

My sister’s family texted me last night from The Birchmere in Alexandria, where they were attending the Over The Rhine holiday show.

Me:  “OH, hey…so you’re in DC?  Uhhh cool.  You know my band is playing there the next night, right?”

She: “Yeah, can’t make it!  But the Over The Rhine holiday show was awesome!”  

I feigned disappointment, but really, I was jealous because I wanted to see that show.  Have you heard their original holiday song Darlin’ (Christmas Is Coming).  So good!  

Then she sent this picture of our poster on the wall from 2003.  Whew!


Winter's Eve, December 13 - Heads Up

Carbon Leaf is starting a new program called Hats For Heads.  

Do you have a head?  We can help.  

1200 of you…


Winter's Eve, December 12 - And All We Need Is Gathering

We are bearing down on the last 3 shows of our Gathering 2017 US Tour this week.  WHEW

Typically, the last week of tour has us in a final surge up the hill going full speed, a satisfying, abrupt wind down, followed by a complete halt.  Sort of like the end of a roller coaster ride.

But, THEN…a sudden grinding hard shift into the holidays, where everyone pivots fast from the tour life to their home life.  Perhaps you can relate.

This year, we will be extending our shop hours over the coming weeks to organize and ship the Crow’s Nests.  The final elements are coming in this week!

We thought it would be fun to put one of these on the table for every member that joins the Crow Foot & Key Society.   

All we need is gathering,



Winter's Eve, December 10 - A Murder For Christmas

The band enjoyed a rigorous weekend of shows in historic Annapolis, and a light snow falling down on the cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks did not deter people from coming out. Very thankful.

I’m doing all sorts of tallying this evening, and thrilled to report that we have just over 200 early adopters joining the Crow Foot & Key Society!  Again, very thankful. 

On the journey to reaching 1,000 new members by New Year’s Day,  20% of goal is a murder, and then some!

Any questions, comments, clues so far?  Message the band or post a comment.



Winter's Day, December 8 - Olympic Bearding Team


On the road to Annapolis, for 3 sold out Ram’s Head shows played within a 24-hour period.  

A bit of an out-of-body experience and a holiday tradition!

Carter’s Christmas Beard takes rigorous training but equal parts rest this time each year. 

Jon, Carter’s tireless beard trainer, reviews the tape, and makes the necessary adjustments.


packing detail.jpg



Terry celebrated his birthday mostly in the work shop with his band mates.  But instead of opening boxes of gifts, he spent the time assembling 350 gift boxes in preparation for the great Crow Foot & Key Society inaugural mailing of the Crow’s Nest.  

We debated renting a larger space for gathering and assembling all the moving parts, but as long as his son Sam stays completely clear of the studio for the next few weeks, what could go wrong?

If you want to give Terry a birthday ‘attaboy’, you can email him here 

But you did not get it from me.


packing detail.jpg