Winter's Eve, December 28 - Snoopy, Come Home

This time last week, things were tense at the Carbon Leaf shop, as we were all grinding long days in the studio, getting packages ready for deadline shipping, waiting on materials that were late, and realizing with some simple math how incrementally far we were falling behind with each passing hour.

Then, we discovered our mailing system got fouled up and we’d need to pause and rebuild it.

At one point, I went into the house garage, passing through towards the kitchen for a glass of water,  and I found Terry there with several broken, wooden things -  a small child’s straight-back chair, a Snoopy sleigh - he was glueing, clamping, vicing them back together with what he could make work within arm's reach.

I suspect it was part of a Holidays-Are-Coming honey-do list.  

I hesitated, but opened my mouth anyway.

“Is that really a priority?”

Everything’s a priority.”