Winter's Eve, December 29 - Wonder

My 12 year old niece gave me this book Wonder and asked me to read it so we could go see the movie over break.  I told her I definitely would.


She asked me at Christmas, had I "finished the book".  I said, "I had not finished".  

Or started.  Not even the back cover.  

We all piled in to the theater and watched the movie, which is a very aspirational family type movie that only a PG rating could deliver.  I would recommend it if you have a young person in your life that struggles with fitting in, feeling different, looking different, had a deficiency or a defect,  is working to keep up with the social curve, has a big heart, is coming into their own, is ahead of the curve, or is maybe on the other end, and is nasty or a bully or one of those kids that rides the fence between the two worlds depending on the situation.  

ie. most any 12-year-old.

She liked the movie too, but said she thought the book had more depth to it.

Good for her.

- Barry

PS - leaving the theater, couldn't resist...