Steve Martin Upstaged By Carbon Leaf

"Winter’s eve is creepin’ in, on December 1st on a cold wind…”

Good evening and hello from World Cafe Live in Philadelphia! Sorry Steve, merchandise has to go somewhere.   

As we hit the east coast home stretch of our Gathering Tour 2017, we are also winding things up back at the Carbon Leaf warehouse and readying for the holidays with the launch of our new project.

Things are nuts, but we are excited.

This is a permission email, as I want to do something I’ve not tried, which is send a message out every day for the 31 days of December.  Some photos, a paragraph or two, some video, and glimpses into the new project.

If you would rather NOT have me in your daily feed for December - I understand, life is busy enough - you can opt out of that right here.  You will still remain on the Carbon Leaf mailing list, you just won’t get 30 days of me.

But as we wind down the year on the eve of our 25th anniversary run in 2018, I need to force myself for 5 MINUTES A DAY to sit back and say, 'Barry, it’s the present.’  
Writing and connecting can be hard when you have a studio filled to the ceiling with boxes that need assembling.

I took this picture tonight as we were setting up, and I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes, which is actually a Steve Martin quote, and he has embodied in beautifully so far in his life, completely reinventing himself several times over so, so far.

‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.’ - Steve Martin

Til tomorrow,