Winter's Eve, December 2

"Painting of a different stream…recess with my mind” - November (makebelieve)

I still have a packet of 25 Christmas Cards I bought - about a baker’s-dozen years ago - to start writing holiday greetings.  It’s a warm painting of a cat wearing a Santa hat, pondering a gift list. They are unopened in their box.  

I bring them out each season, and they sit.  Then, come January, I put them away.  It’s become a little failure ritual.

During our Philadelphia post-show meet-and-greet each year, some fans always stop by the table and give each of us a  miniature painting of a winter scene that they've painted themselves and signed.  It is tucked inside an enveloped family Christmas card.  It fits in the palm of your hand, but is stretched canvas and even has a wire for hanging.

I like to zoom in on paintings sometimes, and see myself in them and imagine things.  So even doing that on this tiny one, can take you to a different place.

Try it now with your computer and take a stroll.  

Crunch crunch,